Complaints Policy & Procedure

Thank you for looking after mum. I am so grateful for the kind care the whole team gave to mum and for helping us through this sad time. She received excellent care and as a family we received so much support.
From a grateful daughter 

Complaints Policy & Procedure


We will, at all times, make every attempt to provide a service and environment that will prevent any need for a complaint being made. However, sometimes we don’t get this right and if you have any concerns about any aspects of our service we welcome your comments.

All concerns, comments and complaints are taken seriously because they give us a chance to improve our services for our patients and their families. If you raise a concern, this will not affect your care in any way. If we have a meeting with you to try and resolve your concerns, we will write to you with a summary of the matters discussed.

We aim to provide a Complaints Procedure that is:

  • Easy for patients and carers to use;
  • Aimed at complaints being resolved quickly;
  • Responsive to the results of complaints so that actions are taken to prevent recurrence.

If you have a complaint

  • In the event that you have a concern or complaint regarding any area of service within the Hospice we would ask you, in the first instance, to approach the person in charge of the clinical or service area. Any member of staff will be able to help you identify who this is.
  • Please tell them your complaint or comments and they will try to resolve any concerns that you have. It is hoped at this stage that any problem areas will be addressed immediately. If you would like to discuss issues further please feel free to ask to speak to a manager.
  • If you are not satisfied with the result, please feel free to telephone or write to the Chief Executive with your concerns which will then be dealt with as a formal complaint.

Chief Executive
Bury Hospice
Rochdale Old Road

Tel: 0161 725 9800

What happens next?

  • A written acknowledgement of your complaint will be sent to you within two working days of receiving it.
  • You can expect that we will investigate the issues thoroughly and the Chief Executive will send a written response within twenty working days of receipt of your complaint, explaining the results of the investigation and any action taken
  • If it is not possible to send you a written response within twenty working days, the Chief Executive will write to you and explain why. If following the explanation you wish to meet with the Chief Executive we will arrange an appointment for you.
  • You can contact the Care Quality Commission with your concerns at any time, including if you feel that your complaint is unresolved by writing to the Care Quality Commission at:

The Care Quality Commission (CQC)

North West Region
Newcastle upon Tyne

Telephone: 03000 616161     Fax: 03000 616172      Website:

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