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How can you help


We have never charged a penny for services freely given to those who need our help, but we only receive 22.4% of our funding from the government.  Our total cost for 2019/2020 is budgeted as £2,756,918 per year or £7,533 per day to run Bury Hospice and all of its services which leaves us to find £2,327,006 from our own fundraising efforts, our shops, lottery, legacies and community support.

We rely on our income generation teams to bring in vital funds to sustain and develop our services. It costs £2.76million per year to run Bury Hospice and all its services, which breaks down to £7,533 per day. We receive just 22.4% statutory funding from the CCG/NHS, which leaves us with £2.3million per year to fundraise to bridge the funding gap.

Thank you for finding out how you can help Bury Hospice. We serve our community and our community support and fund us, we could not survive without your support. This section of the website will offer you ways to help and support us and these are: