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Outpatient Support

Our Medical Outpatients Clinic operates every weekday morning except Monday.

The clinic is available to those who require specialist medical support in the management of any complex symptom.

We encourage carers to attend if they would like to and ask any questions and share any concerns.

Referrals to our medical outpatients can be made by a healthcare professional following discussion with the patient and family.

Each patient referred will be offered the next available appointment and will usually be notified via telephone.

Patients are required to bring a list of current medication with them and any letters or information that the Dr may find helpful.

The Dr will liaise with the other professionals to ensure a seamless approach care in particularly the Gp who will remain key to ongoing care.

We can help manage your condition through specialist medical assessment and symptom management. 

Our outpatient services bring care closer to home and aims to provide patients with access to the right support and the right time.

It is also an opportunity to introduce hospice services to patients and families.

Timely and efficient management of complex symptoms can significantly improve quality of life.

Please note that Bury Hospice operates a smoke free policy. Smoking is permitted for patients outside in designated areas only.